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Common Myths About Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors are a common type of option among homeowners, which is why it’s not surprising that many people have a few misconceptions about them. Before asking yourself, “should you replace my windows and doors?” make sure you clear up these myths so your options are not limited to French patio doors!

Sliding Doors Have Leaking Problems

Because a sliding door’s panel moves along a rail, many homeowners assume that the rail will be a liability when it rains. However, our custom sliding patio doors are designed with a lift-slide system to form a waterproof seal when it is fully closed so water won’t have a chance to pool up along the rails.

Sliding Doors Have Heavy Panels

It’s a common belief that moving a sliding door is difficult because you’re dragging the entire weight of the panels along a rail. However, a smooth rail mechanism similar to those found in sliding windows should be more than enough to make opening and closing a sliding door easy, even with just one hand. Of course, keeping the rail free of debris that can cause friction will also help.

Sliding Doors Look Boring

Some people prefer going for French doors because they think sliding windows have a dull, minimalistic design. However, our custom sliding patio doors can come with large glass panels or a series of smaller ones. There are even patio doors with a surface texture that makes them more suitable for fancier traditional home designs.

Sliding Doors Are Not Air-Tight

Because of the way it operates, a sliding door looks like it won’t be able to provide a good seal when it’s closed. However, those concerned with energy efficiency are in for a treat. Experts specializing in custom windows and doors say that today’s modern sliding patio doors have more energy-efficient features such as multi-glaze panels and more airtight sealing panels, among other nifty features.

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