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When Does Getting a New Patio Door Make Sense?

Is your home’s patio door due for a replacement? Since getting a brand new replacement can cost a lot, it’s not surprising that many homeowners just opt for repairs. However, experts in doors and home windows say that there are times when getting a new patio door makes more sense.

When Does Getting a New Patio Door Make Sense?

When the Door Is Too Damaged

While it’s considered practical to have damaged patio doors fixed, there are times when the damage is so great that any attempts to fix it will no longer bring it back to its original state. Damage that causes permanent misalignment or compromises the structural integrity of the door often requires total patio door replacement.

When the Door Is Too Old

Doors and windows have varying expected lifespans. As a patio door nears the end of its expected lifespan, its components become more likely to suffer from problems. You can fix these problems as they appear, but issues with the other components are also bound to happen shortly after. The combined cost of these consecutive repairs can add up, so getting a new, problem-free patio door makes more sense.

When the Door Is No Longer Energy-Efficient

Aside from its structural strength, a patio door also needs to maintain its energy efficiency. Over time, wear and tear will compromise the patio door’s insulating properties. Drafts or air leaks will start occurring, and your monthly bill ends up increasing. To avoid this, you’ll have to replace the old door with an updated, energy-efficient one.

When the Door Does Not Match the Windows

Getting a new patio door isn’t always about performance issues. For example, getting a patio door makes sense if the old one’s looks clash with your casement windows. Many experts believe that a home’s aesthetics have a big effect on its overall value. Besides, you’re going to be looking at your patio for years, so you’ll want to make sure it’ll look good for a long time.

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