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Neat Tricks to Make A Small Area Look Bigger

Tired of seeing an area in your home looking cramped, but extending the walls is a no-go? Don’t give up yet. Our experts on doors and interior spaces share a few tricks to make a small room look bigger than it is. Sure, it might not affect the actual size of the room, but it will be a lot easier on the eyes.


Get Rid of the Clutter

One of the most common ways to make a room look more spacious is by getting rid of things you can do away with. One too many stacks of magazines on the end table? That shelf that only contains a single book? The more you can stow away, the more spacious the room will look.

Use Slimmer Furniture

According to replacement door and exterior design experts, trading big furniture for something with slim or sleek designs is a great way to remove the visual clutter that is making the room look small. Slim furniture doesn’t mean you end up with smaller seating spaces than what you’re used to; you can still sit on it comfortably, just like with your old couch with extra-thick upholstery.

Use Subtle Colors

Bright shades of colors tend to make objects pop, which adds to the cluttered look of an area. Change to visual elements with more subdued colors. Neutral browns, greys and darker shades of other colors will help add the illusion of space to the room.

Use Glass

Adding glass to areas like the living room leading to the patio is a great way to make the room more spacious. For example, with French doors featuring large glass panes, it will look like the area immediately on the other side of the door is still part of the living room. Adding big mirror panels also create the illusion that the room is bigger, but it works for almost any room.

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