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4 Reasons to Pick Energy-Efficient Windows

Whether you’re having casement or sliding windows installed in your home, a window replacement project is a home improvement task that can help you in many ways. After all, not only will it increase your home’s overall value but its efficiency as well. To accomplish this, you need only pick energy-efficient windows.

Here are four reasons why you should pick energy-efficient windows for your home:

  1. Prevents Your Floors and Furniture from Fading – Most energy-efficient windows nowadays come with glass that has Low-E coatings. Surprisingly, not only do these Low-E coatings prevent heat from entering your home but it also prevents UV rays from causing your flooring or furniture to fade.
  2. Increases Comfort Levels – Unfortunately, older windows are prone to drafts, air leaks, and heat loss which can decrease the comfort levels of your home. By installing energy efficient windows in your home, on the other hand, you can get a window that has better insulation, keeping your home’s temperature better in check and making it more comfortable as a result.
  3. Less Sound Transmission – If you install high performance custom windows with inert gas fills, you can minimize the sound transmission from outside to inside, making your home quieter than before. If you want to lessen sound transmission further, meanwhile, you can consider choosing triple paned windows instead.
  4. Helps You Save on Energy Bills – By installing energy efficient windows in your home, you can moderate your home’s temperature, allowing it to stay warm in the winter and cool during the summer. This helps you save around 9 to 18% on your heating and cooling costs every year.

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