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4 Common Causes of Window Seal Failure

Given that windows account for 25 to 30% of residential heating and cooling use, it’s important that you install energy-efficient windows. Most dual- and triple-pane windows are filled with either argon or krypton, two colorless and non-toxic gases that can prevent heat transfer. Over time, however, the sealing responsible for preventing these gases from leaking out of your window will inevitably degrade or may suffer damage. 

4 Common Causes of Window Seal Failure

What are the factors that can damage window sealing?

1. Extreme Temperatures

Your windows’ susceptibility to extreme temperatures depends on the material they’re made of. For instance, wood expands and contracts as temperatures rise and fall. Repeated expansions and contractions in the window frame can damage window sealing. When choosing new home windows, it’s important to take into account a window’s suitability to your area’s climate.

2. Age

At a certain point, your window’s sealing becomes too worn and fails. Keep in mind that the frequency of maintenance as well as your area’s climate can affect your window’s lifespan.     

3. Installation Errors

Make sure only qualified contractors handle the installation of your new home windows. Installation errors can puncture the window sealing and drastically shorten your new windows’ lifespan.

4. Mold

Routine maintenance helps keep your home windows in good condition. Without regular maintenance, issues such as mold may start to appear. One of them is mold, which can grow if condensation forming on the inside glass of your window. Remember: Dark and damp areas are the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew, which can eat away wooden window frames and damage their sealing. 

If you notice your window’s sealing was punctured, it’s best to get a window replacement as soon as possible. Since some of the gas leaked out, your window isn’t as energy-efficient as it used to be, potentially increasing household electricity consumption. 

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