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Answers to FAQs About Energy-Efficient Windows

Energy-efficient replacement windows are important elements you can consider incorporating in your home. Selecting the best units, however, can be difficult even if you know for certain the window style that will match your home’s decor. Making the choice can be an overwhelming process given the various terminologies being thrown around and the wide range of available options in the market.

As the local source of replacement windows and sliding patio doors, we are here to provide you the basics of energy-efficient window units by answering the most common questions about them.

Q: What Is Insulated Glass?

This term is a misnomer. In reality, it refers to windows with at least two panes of glass separated by an insulation component at the edges and air in between them. Windows with such features are known to improve thermal efficiency by reducing heat transfer across a part of the building envelope.

Q: What Does It Mean When Windows Are “Gas-Filled?”

In the window replacement industry, a window is considered “gas-filled” if there is a gas in between glass panes. A few decades since double or triple glazing was introduced in the market, manufacturers began to fill the spaces with inert gases such as argon and krypton. These colorless and odorless gases have chemical properties that allow energy-efficient windows to have increased thermal performance.

Q: What Does ‘Low-E’ Mean?

The term low-E means low-emissivity, which usually refers to the spectrally-selective window glass. These components have special coatings to effectively block ultraviolet and infrared rays from the sun. With this, the windows prevent the interior fixtures from fading and reduce heat transfer that affects year-round indoor comfort.

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