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Common Signs That Your Window’s Seals Are Failing

A window’s seals play a crucial role in its ability to keep your home energy-efficient. This means you need to make sure your seals remain airtight throughout the course of the window’s lifespan. If you spot any of these signs, you should call for a window replacement expert to address the issue.

You Experience a Draft

Air leaks or drafts are the most important sign that tells you you should replace your windows and it’s failing seals. If left unchecked, drafts can have a big effect on your home’s insulation, which means you’ll have to worry about poor energy efficiency and higher monthly electric bills.

You Spot Water Pooling Around the Edges

Check the sides of your windows after a rainy day. Did you see small puddles of water near the edges? Failing window seals can cause water from outside to seep through closed windows, potentially causing moisture-related damage to the frame and the wall (hint: you can also check your sliding door for signs of leaks with this method).

You See Bits of Dried Sealant Near the Sill

This particular sign tends to show up if your windows are fairly old. Over time, wear and tear can cause the window’s seals to become brittle and crack. Bits of the crusted sealant can then fall on the window sill. At this point, your windows seals mostly likely have numerous gaps, which means it’s due for a replacement.

Getting Replacement Windows With Professional Help

If you need to replace damaged windows, it’s always best to ask the pros for help. Our certified experts on windows and sliding patio doors can install our custom-made replacement windows with long-lasting seals and superior energy efficiency compared to your old windows.

Need more info on replacement windows? Give us a call. Renewal by Andersen® of Odessa and Midland is the leading window and door company in the area. You can call us at (512) 368-4724 or fill out this contact form to request a quote.


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