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Quick Tips to Harness Natural Home Ventilation

Harnessing natural home ventilation is one way of lowering your electricity consumption and improving indoor comfort. However, improving natural home ventilation isn’t as simple as installing more windows. For one thing, certain types of windows can draw in breezes better than other types. For instance, sliding windows provide more ventilation than awning windows.

What are the ways to make the most of natural home ventilation?

Take Note of the Wind Direction 

If you’re installing new custom windows, it’d be more practical to install them on the side facing the direction of the wind. Doing so helps the windows draw in breezes.


As a rule of thumb, there should be windows installed on the north and south areas of your home for optimum cross-ventilation. (Cross-ventilation is a natural cooling method that uses differences in outside and indoor air pressure to draw air into a building). If installing windows on the north or south side of your home interferes with your exterior design, you can plant fences and trees outside to help redirect breezes.

Choose a Window That Provides Maximum Ventilation 

Sliding windows would be a good choice if you’re replacing your windows to improve natural ventilation. They’re easy to open, not to mention they provide plenty of natural light. However, if you prefer a more traditional window style, casement windows would be the best choice. When fully open, hinged casement windows provide maximum ventilation.

Here’s a tip: double-hung windows are ideal for ventilating your interior at night. Leaving them open at night allows warm air to exit your home through their higher-level openings. To learn more about your window options, consult a window contractor.

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