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The Pros and Cons of Argon Gas Fills in Windows

When buying new windows for your home, you’ve likely heard the term “gas fills” thrown around. Gas fills are used to increase the energy efficiency of a window and one of the popular kinds of gas fills that window manufacturers use in their windows is argon gas. The reason why manufacturers use argon gas is because of their various benefits, such as its affordability and better value. However, despite these benefits, argon gas does come with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Here are the pros and cons of using argon gas fills in windows.

The Pros of Argon Gas Fills

Argon gas fills in sliding or casement windows come with numerous advantages such as improving your window’s U-value, which minimizes the heat exchange through your window and reduces the possibility of condensation, making your window more energy-efficient as a result. Combined with low-E coatings, it can also enhance the window’s soundproofing characteristics, making your home not only more efficient and comfortable but quieter as well.

The Cons of Argon Gas Fills

Despite its advantages, argon gas comes with its own set of disadvantages as well. For instance, while it can help make your window more energy-efficient, it’s not the most energy efficient gas that there is. Apart from that, while argon gas fills do not expand or contract, glass does. This can eventually destroy the seals that contain the gas between the glass panes. And worse still, if the window seal even has the smallest of gaps in it, the argon gas can escape and be replaced by moisture-laden air, causing condensation to build up in your window.

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