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The Worst Window Maintenance Habits

Are you taking good care of your windows? Most people will answer with “yes” but some might be doing more harm than good to their windows because of a few bad maintenance habits. Our team of experts point out the worst of these bad habits so you can avoid them for the sake of your windows’ long-term performance.

Forgetting to Lock Windows

When windows are closed, they’re supposed to form an airtight seal around their frames. Aside from keeping the window from opening, the locks also help make sure that the window sashes is firmly pressing against the frame to avoid air from seeping through. Forgetting to lock the windows can affect their insulating ability and cause them to have drafts.

Missing Certain Spots During Cleaning

Whether you’re cleaning casement windows or sliding windows, there will always be certain parts where dirt can easily get stuck in. Unfortunately, these also happen to be the spots that homeowners often forget to clean. The most common problem spots include frame and sash corners and rails for sliding and double-hung windows.

Adding Storm Shutters to Windows with Low-E Coating

A window with Low-E coating is designed to reflect a significant part of the heat away from the window. If you add a storm window on top of it, the heat reflected by the Low-E glass will just bounce off the storm window’s inner side. Over time, the trapped heat energy builds up and puts the window at risk of heat-related damage.

Being Careless When Washing Around Your Windows

Even cleaning other window components can cause problems if not done carefully. For example, power-washing a brick wall could send debris hitting the window panes, causing scratches or even potentially damaging the window at its seals. Experts on home windows recommend paying attention to where dirt and residue from power-washing your walls is going to avoid causing problems later n.

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