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Tips on Containing a Window Replacement Job’s Mess

window replacement project can be a very messy ordeal with all the debris and materials involved in the process. It’s a good thing there are plenty of ways to help make the mess a bit more manageable. Here are some of the best tips on containing most of the mess.

Prepare Drop Cloths

Drop cloths are big stretches of fabric designed to be laid out near areas where the windows will be replaced. While work is being done, most of the dust and debris will end up falling on the drop cloth. When the work is finished, the drop cloth can be picked up along with the stuff it collected for easier disposal.

Clear Out the Area

In some cases, part of the mess involved during a window replacement project comes from nearby things that could get knocked over or damaged while the project is being carried out. Clear out free-standing furniture and check if your sliding door is opened wide enough to let the crew pass through easily.

Cover Fixed Furniture

Moving everything you can out of the way is good, but what about big pieces of furniture that can’t be moved easily? Your best bet would be to cover those up with either plastic wrap or a tarp. You can use cloth if you have no other option, but tarp and plastic don’t have the tendency to cause splinters to cling on them.

Keep Pets at Bay

Window replacement is already messy enough as it is so the last thing you want are other factors that could cause further mess. If you have pets at home, make sure they are secured to prevent them from accidentally running into materials or blocking your sliding patio doors. Dogs are known to pick up random objects, including debris from the worksite and taking them somewhere else more inconvenient to clean up.

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