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Tips on Picking the Right Replacements for Your Old Windows

Homes with an aging-in-place setup requires careful consideration when it comes to selecting options that cater to the needs of the elderly people living in it. This also applies to your home’s windows. To make sure your new windows suit your home’s needs, we’re here to share a few tips on picking the right options for your home.

Ease of Operation

Accessibility is easily the most important factor when considering an aging-in-place setup. After all, it’s common for elderly people to struggle with mobility issues. Windows need longer handles for better leverage, located within easy reach, and open or close smoothly without the need to exert too much force. Casement and sliding windows are great for aging-in-place setups.

Low Maintenance

As people in the household get older, keeping windows well-maintained can get more difficult. This is why experts on home windows for aging-in-place setups strongly recommend picking options that are considered low-maintenance. That means picking materials such as Fibrex® frames that do not require frequent re-application of protective coatings against rot or rust.


Many elderly people need some peace and quiet. This is one of the main reasons why windows in aging-in-place setups offer plenty of privacy. It’s possible to get replacement windows with frosted or stained glass surfaces to provide a bit of privacy, or you can install window treatments like drapes or blinds.

Professional Installation

Because installing options like casement windows for aging-in-place setups require plenty of considerations, you have to get help from someone with the experience and skills necessary to get the job done. This is why we recommend hiring certified window contractors for both window installation and general maintenance.

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