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What Causes Double-Pane Window Discoloration?

Window discoloration is one of the worst things to happen to your double-pane windows. Instead of having a clear view, you have a tint of brown or green. Even worse, some cases of discoloration have ugly-looking spots or streaks. What causes them, and how do you deal with them?


Dirt is the most common cause of discoloration. Static electricity or humidity on the glass can cause dirt particles to stick to the surface, forming a thin layer that creates the discoloration. Fortunately, discoloration caused by dust is a trivial matter that can be fixed by washing the window surface.

Moss or Algae

Aside from causing dust to stick, moisture on the window’s surface can also attract moss or algae. After some time, the moss and algae grow into colonies, causing the discoloration. Home windows with algae can be cleaned with special anti-algae cleaning solutions, followed by a standard wash and wipe.

Rust or Rot

In some cases, discoloration is caused by a deteriorating window frame. Rust particles or bits of the rotten wood frame are carried by the moisture as it trickles down the glass pane, creating the discoloration.

Keeping Windows Free of Moisture

Our team of experts say that most of the factors that cause discoloration have one thing in common – the presence of moisture trapped between the glass panes. Whether you have casement windows or double-hung windows, it’s important to make sure that double-pane windows that no longer have an airtight space between the panes are replaced to prevent condensation and lower the risk of your glass panes getting discolored.

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