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What to Consider When Choosing New Bathroom Windows

Picking new windows for your bathroom isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Ventilation will be an important consideration when choosing new bathroom windows. Without adequate ventilation, moisture becomes trapped in your bathroom, creating an environment that’s the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. At the same time, your new bathroom windows need to balance ventilation with your need for privacy. 

To help you get started, here are the things you should consider when looking for new bathroom windows: 

Window Size 

Bigger windows provide more natural ventilation, but there’s a trade-off: Wider window panes provide less privacy. 

Glass Transparency 

To increase ventilation in your bathroom without compromising your privacy, you can look for windows with frosted, stained, seeded or textured glass. Keep in mind that natural lighting is also important in a bathroom. Sunlight can make a bathroom—usually one of the smallest parts of the average home—feel more spacious and brighten the mood inside. It’d be a good idea to ask your local home windows contractor about how much light can pass through certain kinds of textured and frosted glass. 

Window Placement 

The higher the window is on your bathroom wall, the more privacy you can enjoy in what’s supposed to be your personal sanctuary. 

Window Style 

It’s best to choose a bathroom window with a simple, easy-to-use opening mechanism. Easy-to-open window types include awning and casement windows. Most contractors would recommend installing the former, as awning windows can maintain privacy in the bathroom even when open. 

Having a hard time choosing new bathroom windows? Consult a window contractor. 

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